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Court News Ohio - A Service of the Supreme Court of Ohio & Ohio Government Telecommunications
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MAY 7, 2021

Legal Representation Pilot Applications Being Accepted

Image of two women sitting at a table, one woman appears to be helping the other with paperworkThe Ohio Supreme Court is now accepting grant applications to support legal representation pilot projects that deliver legal representation to families at risk of involvement or involved with the child welfare system.

MAY 5, 2021

National Civic Ed Award Won by Ohio Supreme Court

The Civic Education Program of the Ohio Supreme Court is the recipient of the 2021 Sandra Day O’Connor Award for the Advancement of Civics Education, the National Center for State Courts announced today.

MAY 3, 2021

May Disciplinary Hearings Announced

Image of the Board of Professional Conduct logoThe Ohio Board of Professional Conduct today announced two May disciplinary hearings.

APRIL 30, 2021

Courts’ Reforms Target Child Safety, Family Unity

Image of an adult hand holding the hand of a childFor decades, the legislative and judicial branches have worked together to address child abuse issues.

Ohio Bar Exam Pass Rate: 54.3%

Of the 361 aspiring lawyers who sat for the latest Ohio Bar Examination, 54.3% passed the test, the Ohio Supreme Court announced today.


MAY 4, 2021

Botanical Garden Dustup Rooted in 139-Year-Old Deed

The climate is heated between Cleveland’s botanical garden, which sits in Wade Park, and the heirs of the benefactor who donated the land.

APRIL 27, 2021

Inmate Entitled to $1,000 After Failing to Receive COVID-19 Records

The state must pay $1,000 in damages to an inmate who sought information about positive COVID-19 results at the Toledo Correctional Facility (TCI), the Ohio Supreme Court ruled today.

APRIL 22, 2021

Garbage Haulers Do Not Own Picked-Up Waste, Court Finds in Tax Case

Image of the back of a garbate truckFor tax purposes, when the generator of garbage tells the hauler where to take the trash the waste remains “personal property belonging to others” and not the property of the haulers, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled today.

APRIL 20, 2021

Grandmother Pursues Right to Sue Caseworkers for Toddler’s Death

Clues to whether a toddler’s death at the hands of her parents could have been prevented may reside in state database known as SACWIS.

APRIL 15, 2021

Attorney Who Struck Police Cruiser While Intoxicated Receives Stayed Suspension

The Ohio Supreme Court today imposed a fully stayed one-year suspension on a Cleveland-area attorney who struck a parked police car while driving under the influence of alcohol and fled the scene.

APRIL 14, 2021

Former Ohio Attorney Receives Additional Suspension for Abandoning Clients

The Ohio Supreme Court today imposed an additional two-year suspension on an attorney for abandoning two clients and failing to cooperate in disciplinary proceedings.

APRIL 8, 2021

Township Must Release Legal Bill in Public Records Case

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled today that a Stark County man is entitled to an invoice detailing legal fees incurred in defending Plain Township, even though the invoice was not in the township’s possession.

APRIL 7, 2021

Court Disbars Attorney Who Sexually Abused Students as Teacher

The Ohio Supreme Court today disbarred a former Lake County school teacher-turned-lawyer who is serving almost 30 years in prison for criminal convictions based on coercing two of his teenage high school students to have sexual contact with him.

APRIL 6, 2021

Country Club Fights to Keep Leasing Ancient Earthworks Site Used for Golf Course

A Newark country club has dug in its heels over giving up its century-long lease of the grounds and golf course that are the site of geometric earthworks roughly 2,000 years old.


MAY 4, 2021

Judge Retires after Career of Empowering Overlooked Populations

Image of a female judge with her chin resting on her hand speaking to another womanSome people are naturally drawn to helping others. For decades, one northwest Ohio judge used her platform to give a voice to those who couldn’t be heard.

APRIL 29, 2021

Ohio Black Judges Association Holds Inaugural Meeting

Seeking a “collective voice” to address social and racial injustice, the newly formed Ohio Black Judges Association envisions helping more Black students enter the legal field as lawyers and judges.

APRIL 22, 2021

Trailblazing Judge Using Treatment Courts for Reform

Image is a head shot photo of Judge Carla Baldwin in her judicial robeA pioneering northeast Ohio judge was drawn to the bench by her passion for criminal justice reform.

Cleveland Attorney Appointed to Municipal Court Bench

Image is a head shot of Judge-designee Nathan J. HudakNathan J. Hudak, of Cleveland, will join the Cleveland Municipal Court bench on May 3, following his gubernatorial appointment.

APRIL 21, 2021

Appellate Judge Receives New Appointment

Image is a headshot photo of Tenth District Court of Appeals Judge Lisa L. Sadler in her black judicial robeCurrent Tenth District Judge Lisa L. Sadler will assume a different seat on the same appellate court following her gubernatorial appointment today.

APRIL 2, 2021

New Judges Appointed for Summit and Hamilton Counties

New judges were appointed today to fill court vacancies in Summit and Hamilton counties.

MARCH 31, 2021

Ninth District Judge Sits on High Court

Image of Ninth District Judge Jennifer Hensal in her black judicial robe while sitting on the Supreme Court bench listening to case argumentsNinth District Court of Appeals Judge Jennifer Hensal served as a visiting judge on the Ohio Supreme Court today and heard oral arguments in a case on whether the Ohio Power Siting Board properly considered the safety and impact of a Cincinnati natural gas pipeline.

Judge Appointed to Fill Findlay Vacancy

Image is a headshot photo of Stephanie BishopFindlay attorney Stephanie Bishop was appointed today to serve as judge on the Findlay Municipal Court.