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CNO Legal Glossary

Bad faith
A dishonest purpose or motive.
After an arrest, the amount of money posted as a financial condition for a person to be released before trial and to assure the person’s presence in court later.
A court officer who helps maintain order during court proceedings.
Bench trial
A trial to be decided by a judge instead of by a jury.
A written statement submitted to a court that explains legal or factual positions.
Bright line
A legal rule that resolves issues simply and straightforwardly.
Burden of proof
The duty to prove that certain facts exist. In civil cases, a plaintiff generally must prove his or her case. In criminal cases, the government must prove the defendant’s guilt.

The CNO Legal Glossary is part of an ongoing effort to educate the public about the courts and explain the legal system. The glossary is an evolving, interactive public resource. CNO encourages readers to send in their ideas for words and phrases to be considered for inclusion in the glossary. Submit your suggestions to The content of the CNO Legal Glossary does not represent the legal views of the court and is not considered or consulted by the justices in case deliberations.