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2017 Ohio Moot Court Takes Stage

A group of distinguished judges and attorneys heard ten high Schools face off last week at the Ohio Moot Court Competition.

This isn’t your average mock trial event.

Moot Court involves an oral argument appealing a case that has already been heard by a district court.

It is not a mock trial, there are no witnesses and no objections.

The students have to think on their feet.

“Having to respond to Judge’s questions, it’s a big contrast to Mock Trial. It’s definitely very intimidating.” Scott Scobee, from Marysville High School, explained.

The Moot Court competition is hosted by the Ohio Center for Law-Related Education.

It provides students with an opportunity to strengthen their understanding of the U.S. Constitution and Judicial System.

The students have to hone their oral argument skills. Just when you are in the middle of an argument, a judge forces students to engage.

“It was terrifying. Like what if you don’t know how to answer and draw a blank or something? They are so powerful and important people. They are amazing at what they do. “Zach Holtz, from Gilmour Academy, told Court News Ohio.

The judges range from practicing attorneys to even Ohio Supreme Court Justice Pat Fischer.

“It’s a skill of standing up and speaking to a group of people and defending your view point and it’s not a skill that’s developed in schools these days. Whether they go into law or business, they have to stand up in front of people and defend a presentation to their boss. It’s a skill they can use forever.” Justice Fischer

The final courtroom face off took place between Springfield High School and Gilmour Academy in Lake County.

And the winner is?

The Gilmour Academy team. Springfield High School didn’t walk away empty handed. They came in second place.

“We’re happy to say the least. Yes, it was a long day of work, getting up early and being questioned by justices all day. In the end, it all pays off. It’s a great honor to be here.” Sebastian Williams, with Gilmore Academy, exclaimed.