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Reflections from the Bench: Oral Histories from Former Justices

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Patrick Fischer has three loves associated with his profession: talking to people, history, and the law itself. That trio of interests became the inspiration behind a series of extended interviews with prior justices of Ohio’s high court.

Titled “Reflections from the Bench,” Justice Fischer hosts the program, which details justices’ lives before, during, and after the judiciary.

“Their law clerks will give me information about little things, and I ask about that because I want the public to know the people that were making these major decisions on their lives. I think it’s important that the people know their judges and justices,” Justice Fischer said.

Along with humanizing the former justices, the show is also an avenue for them to share insights and words of wisdom to prospective lawyers, judges, and citizens.

“As you get a little older, you want to talk about your experiences and provide them for future generations,” Justice Fischer said.

The first two former justices featured will be Paul Pfeifer (1993-2017) and Andrew Douglas (1985-2002).