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Juvenile Jurist’s Unique Training Part of New Judges Orientation

The holidays are a busy time of year, especially for the newest members of Ohio’s judiciary. As some get their first taste of being a jurist at the Ohio Supreme Court’s new judges orientation, others have already been on the bench for several months. 

The Court’s four-day specialized training concluded on Thursday with 34 newly-elected or appointed judges taking part.

“It’s really a continual learning process,” said Richland County Juvenile Judge Steve McKinley.

After 20 years as a domestic relations magistrate in Richland County, Judge McKinley has been in charge of his own court for eight months after his appointment in March

“It’s been a great transition,” Judge McKinley said. “I have loved the challenge of going from one bench to a very different bench.”

Along with being one of the more experienced newbies in attendance, he’s the only one who exclusively presides over a juvenile court.

“The work is invigorating, because it’s helping to change the lives of youth,” Judge Mckinley said.

Given his unique position at the orientation, a good part of his instruction was catered to his specific needs. As most were in large groups receiving broader presentation about certain topics, he had one-on-one sessions tutored by judges with similar experiences.

“I had a notepad full of questions, and I got a chance to go through those specific questions. So, I could hone in on issues I’m dealing with,” Judge McKinley said.

While Judge McKinley now has more responsibilities, namely administrative in his supervision of staff in various departments, including probation, detention, and clerking, his primary principle remains the same. 

“[Justice] is the ultimate aim – to do good for people, and to achieve a just and lawful result.”