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Court Issues Information on CDC’s Eviction Prohibition

The Ohio Supreme Court posted information for state courts today regarding the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s directive halting evictions of home renters.

Starting today and effective until the end of 2020, the CDC will prohibit landlords or residential-property owners from pursuing evictions against tenants for failure to pay their rent.

Qualifying income and other criteria for those eligible under the moratorium are outlined in the federal order and in a summary provided here on the coronavirus resource section of the Ohio Supreme Court website.

Evictions may still be filed with courts for reasons other than non-payment.

The order doesn't relieve the obligation to pay rent and doesn't prohibit landlords or property owners from collecting fees, penalties, or interest as a failure to keep up with rent payments.

The federal action doesn't include foreclosure protection on mortgages.

To be covered by the order, impacted residents must fill out a declaration form that states they meet the necessary criteria.