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Requirement to Submit Statistics Electronically for Ohio Municipal and County Courts Effective in February

Starting today, all Ohio trial courts have the ability to submit their caseload statistics using eStats. Municipal and county courts were the final group of trial courts to receive access to the online portal to electronically submit caseload information.

Municipal and county court judges won’t be required to use eStats to submit their monthly reports until Feb. 15, but may begin doing so immediately. Amendments to Rule 37 of the Rules of Superintendence for the Court of Ohio took effect in July 2013, calling for mandatory electronic submission.

Tasha Ruth, the Ohio Supreme Court’s Case Management Section manager, said eStats streamlines case statistical reporting.

“We are excited that courts in Ohio can use eStats to submit their statistical reports and retrieve data about their caseload statistics from the portal,” Ruth said. “This method provides immediate access to the data they submit, which allows courts to make more informed case management decisions.”

Reports, which can be accessed through eStats, will now provide caseload information and performance measures, such as overage rates and clearance rates. These allow courts to examine incoming caseload trends and evaluate their ability to dispose of cases within the Supreme Court’s case processing time standards.

To submit their monthly reports, judges or authorized staff log in to the Supreme Court’s new secure eStats Web portal. Courts should direct questions about the electronic submission process to