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New Standards Proposed for Certified Attorneys

Lawyers have been able to become certified as specialists in Ohio since 1993. The Ohio Supreme Court is releasing for public comment proposed updates to the rules and standards.

The Commission on Certification of Attorneys as Specialists is proposing amendments to Gov. Bar R. XIV and the accompanying Standards for Accreditation of Specialty Certification Programs for Lawyers that would:

  • Create an additional seat on the commission to be filled by an attorney who is a certified specialist.
  • Establish a new standard that a sitting judge or magistrate is not eligible to apply for specialty certification, and that a certified specialist who becomes a judge or magistrate may not refer to himself or herself as certified.
  • Continue to require a minimum of 36 hours of continuing legal education but no longer specify the types of continuing legal education activities to meet the requirement.

The 30-day public comment period ends on May 27, 2015. Comments should be submitted in writing to:

Attorney Services Director Susan Christoff
Ohio Supreme Court
65 S. Front St., Fifth Floor
Columbus, OH 43215

There are 839 attorneys certified in 18 approved designated specialty areas in Ohio, including elder law, family relations law, and criminal law trial advocacy. The certification process includes taking and passing a written examination administered by an organization accredited by the Commission on Certification of Attorneys as Specialists.

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