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Rule Change Extends Time for Judicial Candidate Training

Judicial candidates would have more time to take mandatory training under a change of rules adopted by the Ohio Supreme Court.

Effective today, the Judicial Candidate Training deadline, which is Judicial Conduct Rule 4.2(A)(4), will move from 30 days after certification to be on the ballot to 60 days after certification.

The Board of Professional Conduct recommended the change. Currently, the rule requires all judicial candidates, including incumbent judges, who are seeking election to attend a campaign practices seminar. To satisfy this requirement, a judicial candidate must attend an approved judicial candidate seminar not more than one year prior to or no later than 30 days after certification of candidacy by the board of election or Secretary of State. This will now be extended to 60 days after certification.

In addition, the court has approved rule changes to reflect the Board of Professional Conduct new name throughout the court rules. In October 2014, the board was renamed from the Board of Commissioners on Grievances & Discipline, and its chief officer was renamed. References to “Board of Commissioners on Grievances & Discipline” will change to “Board of Professional Conduct” and references to “Secretary” will change to “Director.”

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