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New Standard Probate Forms Proposed for Involuntary Treatment for Alcohol and Drug Abusers

The Ohio Supreme Court requests public comment on a series of proposed new probate forms for use in court proceedings for involuntary treatment for alcohol and drug abusers. The proposed forms would be added to the Standard Probate Forms within the Rules of Superintendence for the Courts of Ohio.

The Commission on the Rules of Superintendence recommended the changes to the court after the Ohio Association of Probate Judges’ Forms Committee proposed creation of Forms 26.0 through 26.14 for use by probate court judges and petitioners for the involuntary treatment of a respondent who’s abusing alcohol or drugs.

The series of forms was needed after the adoption of sections to 5119.90 of the Ohio Revised Code that gives probate judges authority to commit involuntary a person who needs alcohol or drug abuse treatment.

A petitioner would include forms that, in part, state the respondent suffers from abuse, represents a danger to him or herself or family members, and believes he or she would benefit from treatment. The forms also contain sections for an emergency commitment required if a respondent refuses to undergo an evaluation.

Another new probate form suggested for public comment addresses a different topic. Form 21.06 would be used when an applicant who wants to change his or her name requests a waiver so that the name change is not published in a newspaper or other public notice as required under the Ohio Revised Code. This form, for example, could be used for domestic violence victims or for those under orders of protection.

The 30-day public comment period ends on Oct. 1, 2015. Comments on these new probate forms should be submitted in writing to:

John VanNorman
Senior Policy and Research Counsel
Ohio Supreme Court
65 S. Front St., Seventh Floor
Columbus, OH 43215

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