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Miranda v. Arizona:
A Fundamental Framework of Criminal Justice

The landmark ruling Miranda v. Arizona was decided 50 years ago today, on June 13, 1966. For Miranda’s golden anniversary, Court News Ohio has put together a package of resources, touching on new disputes in the criminal justice field that evolved out of Miranda as well as background about the 1966 decision.

Image of three building columns with the partial text of the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution regarding self-incrimination over top of it

A Fundamental Framework
CNO Review looks at some current-day debates with roots in Miranda, which defined crucial safeguards to protect an accused’s rights before and during police interrogations.

Ohio Experts Discuss Miranda
Law Professor Ric Simmons and attorney Jonathan Tyack share thoughts about key parts of the case.

Image of a man's hands in handcuffs

The Right to Remain Silent
This 25-minute documentary, a project from the Leonore Annenberg Foundation for Civics, explains the background and social context leading to the Miranda decision as well its core rulings.

Image of the first page of the Miranda v. Arizona U.S. Supreme Court opinion

Miranda v. Arizona
Want to read it for yourself? The U.S. Supreme Court’s majority and dissenting opinions in the case.

"Ohio Experts Discuss Miranda:" Photos by Carol Highsmith/Library of Congress