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Professionals Statewide Discuss Ways to Operate Ohio’s Specialized Dockets

Judges, court staff, probation officers, counselors and other treatment providers gathered at the Ohio State University student union to exchange ideas at the Ohio Specialized Dockets Conference.

Ohio Supreme Court Administrative Director Michael Buenger welcomed the crowd of 525 court personnel from all over the state.

“I want to thank the Specialized Dockets Section of the Supreme Court of Ohio,” said Director Buenger. “I also benefit every day from their knowledge and their passion.”

Ohio has established itself as a national leader in the implementation of specialized dockets. There are 230 specialized docket programs in operation throughout Ohio and the Ohio Supreme Court recently certified new dockets to begin operations next year.

Montgomery County Judge Tony Capizzi was recently named the President of the National Council of Juvenile Court Judges.

“It’s exciting because I get to tell the story of Ohio,” said Judge Capizzi. “We have been leaders in this country for a hundred years in how we treat our children, our families, and just our communities. And to talk to other states, judges there, it really reinforces the fact that, what we already knew, we are the best.”

Judge Capizzi’s court is part of a pilot project with IBM that would put the lightning-fast artificial intelligence system of Watson into the hands of judges across the state to manage cases.

“One cool thing about it really is that my staff can put information in real time,” said Judge Capizzi.  “So when I’m getting ready for court, and I have all these files to review, 30 or 40 for the day. If something happens ten minutes ago, my staff can put it in the computer system online, in the cloud. When I get on the bench, it’s there.”

Judge Michael Jackson was also recognized at the conference for his work with the Veterans Treatment Court in Cuyahoga County.

As a decorated Vietnam War veteran, Court News Ohio caught up with Judge Jackson saying hello to his fellow veterans.

“I’m the only veteran on the court,” said Judge Jackson. “One of the things that I wanted to do was to set a veterans treatment court so I feel supported by my other judges and very blessed to have the opportunity to do that.”