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Late CLE Compliance Deadline for A-L Attorneys on April 2

Ohio Attorneys who are out of compliance with their continuing legal education (CLE) requirements for the compliance period ending Dec. 31, 2017 must complete their hours by April 2. They also must file a late compliance reporting form and submit the corresponding late fee by May 2 or risk being sanctioned.

Lawyers whose last names begin with A through L are required to earn their CLE hours by the end of every odd-numbered year, which encompasses the compliance period that covers 2016/2017. Attorneys in Ohio are divided into two groups for reporting purposes according to the first letter of their last name. M through Z attorneys will be subject to the requirements in the biennium covering 2017/2018.

Attorneys are required to complete 24 hours of accredited CLE every two years. Judges must complete 40 CLE hours every two years, including 10 hours of Judicial College instruction.

To submit a request for late compliance, a Continuing Legal Education Late Compliance Reporting Form (Form 19) must be completed by May 2, providing evidence of the CLE activities that have been completed by April 2, to remove the deficiencies for the 2016/2017 compliance period. The form should include the date, title, activity code, and number of hours completed.

Requests for late compliance must be submitted with the late compliance fee, postmarked on or before May 2. Failure to submit the request for late compliance will result in the Commission on Continuing Legal Education issuing a monetary sanction, a suspension from the practice of law, or both.

Lawyers should call the Office of Attorney Services immediately at 614.387.9320 if they have any questions regarding their CLE compliance.

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