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Supreme Court Releases New Resource for Juvenile Court Clerks

To support Ohio’s 88 juvenile courts, the Ohio Supreme Court today released a new guide for juvenile court clerks.

Developed by the Court’s Children & Families staff and Case Management staff, the Desktop Guide for Juvenile Court Clerks offers simple direction to complete tasks required of juvenile court clerks and other juvenile court personnel. Chapter topics in the piece range from visiting judge assignments, magistrates, reports, bonds, records, and subpoenas, to appellate procedures and sealing/expunging juvenile records. The piece, which includes 39 chapters, also covers specific case types, including delinquency cases and traffic cases, as well as abuse, neglect, and dependency cases.

“This guide does a nice job conveying the tasks to be completed according to various case types and situations,” said Stephanie Graubner Nelson, director of the Supreme Court’s Court Services division. “The level of detail in the piece should guide juvenile court staff well in their day-to-day work.”

The reference also outlines best practices and provides a general overview of state laws, related rules and practices for which juvenile court clerks should know.

Graubner Nelson also pointed out that the new guide should help juvenile court clerks implement best practices to impact the court’s case flow and timeliness.

“We are indebted to nine veteran juvenile court clerks from across the state whose assistance was instrumental in developing this piece,” Graubner Nelson said. “Because of their insight and hands-on expertise, we are confident this guide will be a great help to new court clerks and experienced clerks as well.

“Because the piece will reside on the Supreme Court’s website, we were diligent in hyperlinking wherever necessary to relevant statutes and specific rules – meaning anyone using the guide has quick access to the law and rules defining or supporting each topic.”

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