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Court Asks for Public Comment on Attorney Resignation, Retirement Rules

The Ohio Supreme Court will accept public comment until April 11 on two proposed amendments to the Rules for the Government of the Bar.

One amendment is related to attorney resignation/retirement process, and the other to continuing legal education.

Gov.Bar R. VI is related to the attorney resignation/retirement process.

Currently, if an attorney resigns from the practice of law while disciplinary proceedings are pending, the Supreme Court issues an order indicating that the attorney “resigned with discipline pending.” Otherwise, Supreme Court staff simply designates the attorney as “retired.”

Under the proposed amendment, regardless of whether the attorney retired or resigned with discipline pending, an order from the Supreme Court would be required. This order would reinforce the prohibitions against the retired or resigned attorney’s future practice of law.

The second rule proposal is related to Gov.Bar R. Appendix I. It would create a new category of self-study continuing legal education course, the Electronic Interactive Skill-Based Activity (EISBA). It’s an individualized Web-based CLE course in which an attorney or judge participates outside the standard classroom or seminar setting. EISBA activities are flexible and allow for engagement whenever the attorney or judge chooses.

Comments to either amendment should be submitted in writing or via email by April 11 to:

Gina Palmer, Attorney Services Director
65 South Front St., Fifth Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215-3431

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