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Volunteer Guides Honored for Service at Annual Luncheon

The Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center welcomes more than 12,000 visitors each year. It’s a feat that wouldn’t be possible without 17 people who devote their time and knowledge about the building and the state’s judicial history: volunteer tour guides.

As a sign of appreciation for their dedication to educating so many, the Ohio Supreme Court and its seven justices honored them at an annual luncheon.

“You help the Supreme Court to fulfill a very important mission to increase the public’s knowledge of the role and the responsibilities of the judicial branch of government. I think that is truly one of our responsibilities, and you help us do it so well,” said Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor.

Along with acknowledging each individual for their work, including some who began in 2005, the chief justice also recognized four new volunteers. Each new person received a pin to distinguish them as volunteer guides.

While it’s not a requisite to have a legal background, many of the volunteers have a connection to the courts and even the facility.

“I love architecture and I’m a lawyer, so I can combine those two things together in a wonderful building,” said Catherine Stroup, who’s guided tours for six years.

Most of those who visit are students ranging from elementary school to college-aged, with the majority of attendees in the fourth grade. There are also numerous tours that handle adults and senior citizens, from both Ohio and abroad.

“There’s always something new and different. So, yeah, it doesn’t get old,” said Stroup.

Fellow guide Marty Lighttiser has conducted tours at the Court since 2015. For her, each experience is a reminder of why she keeps coming back to offer her services.

“The kids, the tours, the artwork – just everything about being a volunteer – is very, very near-and-dear to my heart.”

To learn more about tours of the Moyer Judicial Center or the volunteer tour guide program, please contact the Civic Education office at 614.387.9223 or