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Conduct Board Files Disciplinary Reports and Recommendations

The Ohio Board of Professional Conduct has filed 13 disciplinary case reports with the Ohio Supreme Court. Each report recommends discipline for an attorney charged with professional misconduct.

The parties will have an opportunity to file objections to the board’s report and its recommendation to the Supreme Court. If objections are filed, the case will be scheduled for oral argument. No oral argument is scheduled in reinstatement proceedings, and objections are not permitted in a case submitted upon consideration of a consent-to-discipline agreement.

Additional information about each case, including the report and recommendation, may be obtained by clicking on the Supreme Court case number. Questions regarding cases pending before the Supreme Court should be directed to the Supreme Court’s Office of Public Information at 614.387.9250.

Cuyahoga County

Disciplinary Counsel v. Carol Beth Adelstein
Supreme Court Case No. 2019-0801
Recommended sanction: One-year suspension, six months stayed

Disciplinary Counsel v. Mark Douglas Amaddio and John Joseph Wargo, Jr.
Supreme Court Case No. 2019-0809
Recommended sanctions: Six-month suspension, stayed for each respondent

Disciplinary Counsel v. Vincent George Farris
Supreme Court Case No. 2019-0812
Recommended sanction: One-year suspension, stayed

Petition for Reinstatement of Marc George Doumbas; Disciplinary Counsel, Relator
Supreme Court Case No. 2016-1149
Recommendation: Grant reinstatement

Franklin County

Disciplinary Counsel v. Derek James Walden
Supreme Court Case No. 2019-0800
Recommended sanction: Two-year suspension, 18 months stayed

Columbus Bar Association v. Michael Dean Christensen and
Jeffrey Thomas Kluesener (consent-to-discipline agreements)
Supreme Court Case No. 2019-0802
Recommended sanctions: Public reprimand (Respondent-Christensen); one-year suspension, stayed (Respondent-Kluesener)

Hamilton County

Cincinnati Bar Association v. Virginia Maria Riggs Horton
Supreme Court Case No. 2018-1757
Recommended sanction: Six-month suspension, stayed

Knox County

Disciplinary Counsel v. Phillip Douglas Lehmkuhl
Supreme Court Case No. 2019-0807
Recommended sanction: Two-year suspension

Lorain County

Lorain County Bar Association v. Samir George Hadeed (consent-to-discipline agreement)
Supreme Court Case No. 2019-0823
Recommended sanction: One-year suspension, six months stayed

Lucas County

Toledo Bar Association v. Jerry James Bishop II
Supreme Court Case No. 2019-0804
Recommended sanction:Two-year suspension, one year stayed