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Conduct Board Certifies 16 New Cases

The Ohio Board of Professional Conduct has announced the certification of 16 new cases for formal disciplinary proceedings.

Each certified complaint has been sent to the respondent, and the respondent has been directed to file an answer to the allegations contained in the complaint.  Once an answer is received, the case will be assigned to a three-member hearing panel of the Board, and the hearing panel will conduct further proceedings in the case.

If the respondent does not answer the allegations, the failure to answer will be certified to the Supreme Court, which may suspend the respondent’s license to practice law.

Typically, a public hearing is scheduled within four to six months after the case is assigned to a hearing panel.  Please consult the hearing schedule on the Board’s website for a monthly list of Board hearings.

If the Board finds that a lawyer or judge has engaged in professional misconduct and recommends a sanction, the Board will file a report with the Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court is responsible for reviewing the Board report, case record, and any objections filed by the parties, and is responsible for imposing discipline.

To access additional case information, click on the case number, below.

Disciplinary Counsel v. Keith Allan Vanderburg
Case No. 2018-056
Respondent’s counsel: Harry D. Cornett, Jr., Cleveland

Akron Bar Association v. Gregory Thomas Plesich
Case No. 2018-057
Respondent’s counsel: Ronald M. Martin, Akron

Disciplinary Counsel v. Carol Beth Adelstein
Case No. 2018-058
Respondent’s counsel: None

Disciplinary Counsel v. Derek James Walden
Case No. 2018-059
Respondent’s counsel: None

Disciplinary Counsel v. Anthony Perin Spinazze
Case No. 2018-060
Respondent’s counsel: Jonathan E. Coughlan, Columbus

Akron Bar Association v. Matthew Fortado
Case No. 2018-061
Respondent’s counsel: Sidney N. Freeman, Uniontown

Disciplinary Counsel v. Sanjay Kris Bhatt
Case No. 2018-062
Respondent’s counsel: Jonathan E. Coughlan, Columbus

Disciplinary Counsel v. David Arthur Campbell III, Liana Rose Hollingsworth, and Gregory Charles Scheiderer
Case No. 2018-063
Respondents’ counsel: George D. Jonson, Cincinnati

Disciplinary Counsel v. Vincent George Farris
Case No. 2018-064
Respondent’s counsel:  None

Disciplinary Counsel v. Michael Patrick Meehan
Case No. 2018-065
Respondent’s counsel: None

Disciplinary Counsel v. Elizabeth Lorraine Ford
Case No. 2018-066
Respondent’s counsel: None

Disciplinary Counsel v. Gregory James Wysin
Case No. 2018-067
Respondent’s counsel: None

Disciplinary Counsel v. Mark Douglas Amaddio and John Joseph Wargo, Jr.
Case No. 2018-068
Respondents’ counsel: Monica A. Sansalone and Timothy T. Brick, Cleveland (for respondent Amaddio); George S. Coakley and Richard T. Lobas, Cleveland (for respondent Wargo)

Lorain County Bar Association v. Jeffrey Hile Weir II
Case No. 2018-069
Respondents’ counsel: None

Columbus Bar Association v. Michael Dean Christensen and Jeffrey Kluesener
Case No. 2018-070
Respondents’ counsel: Charles J. Kettlewell, Columbus (for respondent Christensen); Jonathan E. Coughlan, Columbus (for respondent Kluesener)

Disciplinary Counsel v. Matthew Gilbert Bruce
Case No. 2018-071
Respondent’s counsel: Jonathan E. Coughlan, Columbus