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Supreme Court Stop Part of Chinese Students’ American Immersion

Typically, students who learn about the Ohio Supreme Court are from somewhere in the state. But 25 recent visitors traveled 7,000 miles to see the Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center.

The group hails from Hunan Normal University in eastern China. All the students are majoring in teaching English as a foreign language, and they’re in Columbus as part of a two-month summer program that includes visits to Ohio State University, Columbus State Community College, and Capital University.

“It is really good for us to explore more, go to a lot of places, and gain more information,” said student Doris Li.

The objective for the first-year program is to provide an immersive, cultural experience and share the cognitive frameworks for understanding those experiences.

Having already visited the Ohio Statehouse and witnessed social spectacles like Fourth of July fireworks, the young adults have an expanding knowledge about the way of life in the United States, including how the government serves its citizens.

“I really love how the Ohio Constitution regulates how the Supreme Court justices’ panels are selected. They’re actually here for the people and listen to the voice of the people,” said student Tony Tang.

On top of learning about the state’s judicial system and the roles of justices during the tour, the students became more familiar with Ohio’s history, as illustrated in paintings and sculptures throughout the building. But like the thousands of visitors who tour the facility every year, the décor and elegance left the biggest impression. One student even tried to extend her tour indefinitely.

“I really, really, really like the courtroom,” said student Emma Chen. “I don’t want to leave. I want to sleep here. I really like this place.”