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Kids Learn about State, Local Court Connections during Take Your Child to Work Day

While many state buildings are closed on Columbus Day, the Thomas J. Moyer Judicial Center remains not only operational, but also educational.

On Monday, the Ohio Supreme Court held its annual “Take Your Child to Work Day” as 30 students gained a better understanding of what their relatives do, and what the state’s high court does.

“My mom asked if I wanted to go, and I said yes, because I learned a lot last year, and I wanted to learn a lot this year,” said fifth-grader Mackenzie Kline.

The theme of this year’s event, which dates back to 2007, focused on local courts across Ohio and how cases find their way to the court of last resort.

The morning session illustrated how a previous case – Zacchini vs. Scripps-Howard Broadcasting – progressed from the trial court to the Ohio Supreme Court. Students participated in a mock trial of the case, followed by arguments before the appeals court. Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor picked up the case at the Ohio Supreme Court and also discussed its journey to the U.S. Supreme Court, where the case was ultimately decided.

“I’m in mock trial at school. So, I think following the trial today was sort of cool to learn more about that stuff,” said Ben Stiffler, an eighth-grader, who attended the event for the third time.

After a group photo with the chief justice, the boys and girls learned how the Court helps local courts across the state by watching videos that highlighted the work of several departments, including Court Services, Attorney Services, and others. The students then put pencil to paper, using their imagination to create a state flag for Ohio’s court system.

The day ended in the law library where the kids wandered in search of clues for a scavenger hunt with a “capture the flag” twist.

The event centers on education, but with an added bonus: befriending others.

“That’s probably my favorite part, meeting new people, making new friends,” Stiffler said.