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Crew of USS Columbus Sails through Namesake City

The Ohio Supreme Court is filled with images that show how the state was built.

Just like the laborers depicted on murals in the building, some recent visitors to the Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center also adhere to the “grab your hard hat and go to work” mentality. The only difference is that the tour group – the crew of the USS Columbus – does its duty in the middle of the ocean.

“You’re in a close environment with 150-160 other people, but once you’re submerged and you get focused on the job you don’t really realize that you’re operating underwater,” said U.S. Navy Lieutenant William Zupke, the submarine’s assistant weapons officer.

Members of the USS Columbus – which is based in Pearl Harbor – got familiar with their namesake city as part of a weeklong tour, which included stops at the Supreme Court, Statehouse, and recently-opened National Veterans Memorial and Museum.

“Being able to reflect that ‘I’ve done this. I’ve seen this.’ This brings me back to the great times I’ve had in the military. The sacrifice that a lot of people make that not others get to see always,” said Yeoman David Baxter – a native of Minerva in northeast Ohio – who serves as a lead administrator on the boat.

The well-traveled sailors have witnessed wonders around the world, but after assessing the aura around the Court, these scholars of the sea gave the building their highest commendation.

“The art deco styles that you see here are pretty remarkable, especially comparing it to some places I’ve seen in Washington, D.C. I’ve been through Arlington National Cemetery and other buildings, and this building’s history is as rich as I’ve seen anywhere else in the country,” said Zupke.