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Public Comment Sought on Attorney Certificates of Good Standing and Corporate Counsel Rule Amendments

The Ohio Supreme Court will accept public comment on two proposed amendments – one that defines what “good standing” is for Ohio attorneys and also a proposed amendment on rules for out-of-state attorneys registered for corporate counsel status in Ohio.

The first proposed amendment defines “good standing” for Ohio attorneys and authorizes the Court’s Office of Attorney Services to issue certificates of good standing.

The term “good standing” is incorporated into various provisions of the Rules for the Government of the Bar of Ohio and the Rules of Superintendence, but is not defined anywhere.

The Court will also accept public comment on a proposed amendment to the corporate counsel registration rule, which applies to out-of-state attorneys who serve as in-house counsel for a corporation or other non-governmental employer.

The recommendations include:

  • Remove the requirement that an out-of-state attorney have a systematic and continuous presence in Ohio as a result of the attorney’s employment (emphasis added)
  • Include a $500 application fee for corporate counsel status
  • Provide a 180-day grace period from the date the attorney began providing legal services in Ohio to register for corporate counsel status.

Comments should be submitted in writing or via email by July 18 to:

Minerva Elizaga, Assistant Director of Attorney Services
65 South Front St., Fifth Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215-3431

The Court also adopted an amendment that would consolidate the Court’s Admissions Fund into the Attorneys Services fund. As of July 1, 2019, the budget bill eliminates the Admissions Fund.

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