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Court News Ohio

Rules of Practice Amendments Adopted by Supreme Court Take Effect

The Ohio Supreme Court has adopted amendments to its Rules of Practice that define an official record as the electronic version.

“The electronic version of documents, whether filed through the e-filing portal in the first instance or received by the Clerk’s Office in paper format and subsequently scanned into electronic format, constitutes the official record in the case,” the amendment states.

The change is described in Rule 3.02(A)(1)(c) and takes effect today.

The Court also adopted four new rules addressing the procedures for filing an affidavit seeking to disqualify a judge. These changes are shown in Rule 21.01 to 21.04.

The Court chose not to adopt a proposed amendment that would have shortened the length of stipulated extensions for filing certain documents. Parties may continue to stipulate to a 20-day extension for certain documents.

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