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Love and Marriage: Couples Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Court Weddings

It’s one of the sweetest days of the year – whether it’s due to chocolates, flowers, or sentimental words – but for dozens of couples in Franklin County, they got a lot more this Valentine’s Day.

Of the 29 couples who received their marriage licenses at Franklin County Municipal Court on Thursday, most – if not all – exchanged their vows during ceremonies held inside a festively decorated courtroom. Each couple was also treated to candy, cookies, and cupcakes, as well as photos to commemorate their big day.

“It’s one of the days here where we can walk away very happy because we married two people,” said Judge Jodi Thomas.

The reasons why couples decided to tie the knot on Valentine’s Day varied. Some were drawn in by the allure of love associated with the holiday. Others felt the day was that push they needed to do something they’d been considering for a while.

“We couldn’t come up with a date. So, we just decided to wing it,” said Brandi Ross.

There were also cases where couples kept it a secret from their families until the very last minute.

“Their parents had gotten married in the courthouse a couple weeks ago, and now, they surprised them by getting married today,” said Judge Eileen Paley.

For Judge Paley, Judge Thomas, and Judge James O’Grady, some of the highlights of such a special day are the moments that are left unsaid.

“You watch the smiles, the families, the hopes, the dreams. You can see it in people’s eyes,” said Judge Paley.

It’s a sentiment some of the newlyweds echo, especially when those unexpected nerves strike.

“When you talk about it, it’s easy, but when you’re right in it, you feel something different. I cannot say it because it is just a feeling. It’s a click to the heart,” said Mohammed al Kafil.

While the day is unforgettable for a multitude of reasons, the choice of getting married on Valentine’s Day will serve as a helpful reminder for the forgetful types in the future.

“It’ll be a good day for them because they’ll never forget their anniversary,” said Judge Thomas.