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Conduct Board Files Disciplinary Case Reports and Recommendations

The Ohio Board of Professional Conduct has filed eight disciplinary case reports with the Ohio Supreme Court. Each report recommends discipline for an attorney charged with professional misconduct.

The parties will have an opportunity to file objections to the board’s report and recommendation with the Supreme Court. If a party files objections, the Supreme Court will schedule the case for oral argument. Oral arguments are not scheduled in reinstatement proceedings, and objections are not permitted in a case submitted upon consideration of a consent-to-discipline agreement.

Additional information about each case, including the report and recommendation, may be obtained by clicking on the Supreme Court case number. Questions regarding cases pending before the Supreme Court should be directed to Court’s Office of Public Information at 614.387.9250.

Butler County

Butler County Bar Association v. Scott Nicolas Blauvelt
Supreme Court Case No. 2020-0226
Recommended sanction: Two-year suspension, stayed

Carroll County

Disciplinary Counsel v. Christine Lynn Falconer (consent-to-discipline)
Supreme Court Case No. 2020-0227
Recommended sanction: Six-month suspension, stayed

Franklin County

Disciplinary Counsel v. David Kelsey Connors
Supreme Court Case No. 2020-0217
Recommended sanction: Indefinite suspension; no credit for time served under interim felony suspension

Disciplinary Counsel v. Jason Allan Sarver
Supreme Court Case No. 2020-0229
Recommended sanction: Permanent disbarment

Lorain County

Lorain County Bar Association v. Jeffrey Hile Weir II
Supreme Court Case No. 2019-0150
Recommended sanction: Indefinite suspension; no credit for time served under interim default suspension

Lucas County

Toledo Bar Association v. Thomas Alan Yoder
Supreme Court Case No. 2020-0228
Recommended sanction: Two-year suspension, one year stayed

Disciplinary Counsel v. Hon. Alfonso Jesus Gonzalez
Supreme Court Case No. 2020-0230
Recommended sanction: Public reprimand

Richland County

Disciplinary Counsel v. Byron Dexter Corley
Supreme Court Case No. 2020-0221
Recommended sanction: Two-year suspension, 18 months stayed