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Supreme Court Adopts Child Welfare Law Specialization

The Ohio Supreme Court has adopted amendments that will add “Child Welfare Law” to the fields of law subject to specialization designation in Ohio. 

The amendments define Child Welfare Law as the practice of law representing children, parents, or the government in all child protection proceedings.

Proceedings include emergencies, temporary custody, adjudication, disposition, foster care, permanency planning, termination, guardianship, and adoption.  

The new designation would not include representation in private custody and adoption disputes where the state is not a party.

The amendments are in response to a proposal from the National Association of Counsel for Children (NACC). Attorneys who practice in the field of Child Welfare Law can seek certification from an accrediting organization as a specialist in that field.

The NACC advocates that the addition of Child Welfare Law as a specialty in Ohio will benefit the public because it will recognize highly qualified attorneys with verified child welfare expertise as leaders in the field to assist in cases involving the safety and well-being of children.