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Court Adopts Updated Protection Order Forms

The Ohio Supreme Court announced today the adoption of new domestic violence, stalking, and juvenile protection orders that go into effect April 15.

Last updated in 2014, the revisions incorporate amendments to existing and new laws, recognize best practices and employ simplified language.

The changes clarify when protection orders are to be entered into the FBI’s national database for firearms disability and protection orders. Law enforcement uses the database to verify and enforce protection orders nationwide to prevent domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, and sexual violence.

The forms now include plain language and guidance so that victims can provide the court with more complete information and help courts improve their orders, and reduce continuances.

Ten new forms were approved, including dating violence protection order forms, which are necessary to comply with new legislation.

Among the other changes:

  • Standard post-conviction no-contact orders, so that law enforcement knows the no-contact order exists, the identity of the person being protected and that the order can be enforced by arrest
  • A form to address offenders illegally owning a firearm following a court order
  • Forms that prove offenders know about the orders and can be held accountable if they violate them.

Six forms were deleted, including those giving instructions that are being incorporated into the new forms.

The forms can be found at

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