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Court Asks for Public Comment on Rules of Superintendence

The Ohio Supreme Court will accept public comment on proposed changes to the Rules of Superintendence governing modernization, efficiency, and delivery methods of state courts.

The proposed changes also address expectations for litigants, counsel, and the public about how technology will be used in courthouses.

Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor established the Improving Court Operations Using Remote Technology (iCOURT) Task Force one year ago to study how courts were increasing their technology usage during the COVID pandemic. The task force was directed to make recommendations to allow for the continuing use of technology upgrades to improve access to justice and modernize court operations.

The task force spent considerable time reviewing existing rules, and the outcome included proposed amendments to the Rules of Superintendence for the Courts of Ohio intended to ensure courts have the authority to continue remote appearances.

These proposals are:
  • Designed to facilitate the use of remote technology for court processes and to conduct virtual hearings
  • Seeking to maintain judicial discretion by giving courts the flexibility to use technology to meet the needs of individual cases while increasing parties’ access to the justice system.

One proposed amendment – to Superintendence Rule 13 – seeks to modernize the rule allowing videotaped testimony and evidence. The revisions would allow depositions to be taken remotely using a video-conferencing platform and expand the allowable media on which pre-recorded testimony is taken and stored.

Public comments should be submitted in writing or via email by Nov. 4 to:

Kyana Pierson
Task Force Staff Liaison
Supreme Court of Ohio
65 S. Front St., Seventh Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-3431