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Probate Form Changes Take Effect

The Supreme Court of Ohio has updated parts of the Rules of Superintendence for the Courts of Ohio that focus on standard probate forms.

The amendments create a form to order disbursement of an attorney decedent’s trust accounts, create a set of forms for name-change and name-conformity applications, and amend existing forms related to settling a minor’s claim to account for depositing the proceeds into a trust.

Among the changes that went into effect on Jan. 1 are:

  • An updated residency requirement.
  • The creation of an affidavit for a person to submit in support of an application for a minor’s name change. 
  • Updates to the types of applicants who may seek a minor’s name change, the residency requirement, and the nature of parental involvement.
  • Updates to the judgment-entry form granting an adult’s name change to include a statutory citation to reflect the current revised code number. The judgment-entry form now acknowledges that the application was supported by sufficient proof.