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WEDNESDAY, Dec. 6, 2017

In the Matter of the Application of the Dayton Power and Light Company for Approval of Its Electric Security Plan, Case no. 2017-0241

State of Ohio v. Gerry L. Moore Sr. aka Gary L. Moore Sr., Case no. 2017-0483

Disciplinary Counsel v. Andrew Mahlon Engel, Case no. 2017-1087

TUESDAY, Dec. 5, 2017

State of Ohio v. Austin Gregory Myers, Case no. 2014-1862

State of Ohio v. Lamone E. Upkins, Case no. 2016-1742

State of Ohio v. Michael T. Paige, Case no. 2016-1848

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TUESDAY, Nov. 21, 2017

Charles W. Thomasson v. Carol J. Thomasson, Case no. 2016-1629

In the Matter of the Adoption of M.G.B.-E. et al., Case no. 2017-0039

Disciplinary Counsel v. Paul A. Mancino Jr., Case no. 2017-1079

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WEDNESDAY, Oct. 18, 2017

State ex rel. Keith J. Kerns et al. v. Richard J. Simmers, Ohio Department of Natural Resources et al., Case no. 2016-1011

State of Ohio v. Deandre Gordon, Case no. 2016-1462

Ohio State Bar Association v. Lance T. Mason, Case no. 2017-0794

TUESDAY, Oct. 17, 2017

Mark Schwartz, individually and as executor of the estate of Kathleen Schwartz, et al. v. Honeywell International, et al., Case no. 2016-1372

Disciplinary Counsel v. Quentin M. Derryberry II, Case no. 2017-1088

Columbus Bar Association v. Kinsley F. Nyce, Case no. 2017-1078

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TUESDAY, Sept. 26, 2017

Preterm-Cleveland Inc. v. Governor John Kasich, et al., Case no. 2016-1252

State of Ohio v. Richard J. Beasley, Case no. 2014-0313

Linda Griffith Alford, et al. v. Collins-McGregor Operating Co., et al., Case no. 2016-1281

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 13, 2017

State of Ohio v. Mark H. Pountney, Case no. 2016-1255

Rebecca L. Cyran v. Curtis P. Cyran, Case nos. 2016-1737 and 2016-1870

In re R.K., Case no. 2017-0433

Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association v. Rosel C. Hurley III, Case no. 2017-0798

TUESDAY, Sept. 12, 2017

In re D.H., Case no. 2016-1195

Frank and London Insurance Agency v. LGR Realty Inc., Case no. 2016-1307

Capital Care Network of Toledo v. State of Ohio Department of Health, Case no. 2016-1348

Disciplinary Counsel v. Brian Allan Maciak, Case no. 2017-0492

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WEDNESDAY, June 21, 2017

In the Matter of the Review of the Alternative Energy Rider Contained in the Tariffs of Ohio Edison Company, The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company, and The Toledo Edison Company, Case no. 2013-2026

City of Cleveland Board of Review v. William E. and Susan W. MacDonald, Case no. 2016-0778

State of Ohio v. Juhan Brown, Case no. 2016-1652

In the Matter of the Adoption of P.L.H., Case no. 2017-0173

TUESDAY, June 20, 2017

Buckeye Terminals LLC v. Franklin County Board of Revision et al., Case no. 2016-0495

Lightning Rod Mutual Insurance Co. v. Robert Southworth, d.b.a. Bob’s Home Service et al., Case no. 2016-1116

City of Cleveland Police Department v. Dr. Tobias R. Reid, Ph. D., Case no. 2016-1122

State of Ohio v. Tyrone L. Noling, Case no. 2014-1377

WEDNESDAY, June 7, 2017

In the Matter of the Complaint of Mary-Martha and Dennis Corrigan v. The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company, Case no. 2014-0799

State ex rel. Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services Inc. v. Industrial Commission of Ohio and Sherry L. Redwine, Case no. 2015-1074

State of Ohio v. Andrew L. Jackson, Case no. 2016-0782

State of Ohio v. Colton Dye, Case no. 2016-1395

TUESDAY, June 6, 2017

State of Ohio v. David Martin, Case no. 2014-1922

Kenneth Adams et al. v. Joseph W. Testa, Tax Commissioner of Ohio, Case no. 2016-0256 and 2016-0510

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State of Ohio ex rel. Kurt Singer v. Fairland Local School District Board of Education, Case no. 2015-1517
Writ of Mandamus

In the Matter of the Complaints of Katherine Lycourt-Donovan, Seneca Builders LLC, and Ryan Roth et al. v. Columbia Gas of Ohio Inc., Case no. 2016-0080
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio

In re: D.S., Case no. 2016-0907
Tenth District Court of Appeals (Franklin County)

State of Ohio v. Orlando Batista, Case no. 2016-0903
First District Court of Appeals (Hamilton County)

TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017

NWD 300 Spring LLC/Nationwide Realty Investors et al. v. Franklin County Board of Revision et al., Case no. 2016-0102
Ohio Board of Tax Appeals

Don Koprivec et al. v. Rails-To-Trials of Wayne County, Case no. 2016-0704
Ninth District Court of Appeals (Wayne County)

Lorain County Bar Association v. Kenneth Allen Nelson II, Case no. 2016-1830
Lorain County

State of Ohio v. Andrea Beasley, Case no. 2016-1020
First District Court of Appeals (Hamilton County)


Board of Education of Columbus City Schools et al. v. Franklin County Board of Revision et al., Case no. 2015-2105

State of Ohio v. Shuaib A. Haji Mohamed, Case no. 2016-0672

Disciplinary Counsel v. Andrew R. Schuman, Case no. 2016-1834

Anthony Rush and Tammy Rush v. University of Cincinnati Physicians Inc. and Thomas J. Kunkel, M.D., and West Chester Medical Center et al., Case no. 2016-0636

TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2017

State of Ohio v. Curtis L. Clinton, Case no. 2014-0273

Patricia J. Schultheiss v. Heinrich Enterprises Inc. et al., Case no. 2016-0623

Disciplinary Counsel v. Thomas Patrick Maney, Jr., Case no. 2016-1494

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Nichole Johnson v. Mary E. Montgomery et al., Case no. 2016-0790

State of Ohio v. Jamie Banks-Harvey, Case no. 2016-0930

Dennis Stewart, Administrator of the Estate of Michelle Stewart v. Rodney E. Vivian, Case no. 2016-1013


Disciplinary Counsel v. Scott C. Smith, Case no. 2014-0197

Terraza 8 LLC et al. v. Franklin County Board of Revision et al., Case no. 2015-2063

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company v. Christine Lucarell, Case no. 2016-0585

Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association v. Edward J. Heben Jr., Case no. 2016-1495


Michael Gyugo v. Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Case no. 2016-0564

Wood County Bar Association v. Robert E. Searfoss III, Case no. 2016-1489

State of Ohio v. Jeffrey A. Wogenstahl, Case no. 1995-0042

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Ronald and Barbara Bohlen v. Anadarko E&P Onshore LLC et al., Case no. 2015-0187

City of Cleveland v. Benjamin S. Oles, Case nos. 2016-0172 and 2016-0282

State of Ohio v. Sherry Bembry and Harsimran Singh, Case no. 2016-0238

State of Ohio v. Joshua Polk, Case no. 2016-0271

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TUESDAY, FEB. 28, 2017

In the Matter of Duke Energy Ohio Inc. for an Increase in its Natural Gas Distribution Rates, Case no. 2014-0328

State of Ohio et al. v. Shannon Ferguson, Case no. 2015-1975

State of Ohio v. Rickym Anderson, Case no. 2016-0317

State of Ohio v. Melvin Mutter, Case nos. 2016-0440 and 2016-0441

THURSDAY, FEB. 9, 2017

State of Ohio v. Darlell Orr, Case no. 2015-1847

State of Ohio v. Malik Rahab, Case no. 2015-1892

State of Ohio v. Bradley E. Grimes, Case no. 2016-0215


State of Ohio v. Raymond Morgan, Case no. 2015-0924

In the Matter of the Application of Buckeye Wind LLC, Case no. 2015-1715

Mary McGowan, M.D. v. Medpace, Inc., Case no. 2015-1756

Ashtabula County Bar Association v. Thomas C. Brown, Case no. 2016-1147

TUESDAY, FEB. 7, 2017

State of Ohio v. Donna M. Roberts, Case no. 2014-0989

Ohio Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association and David Hill v. City of Findlay, Case no. 2015-1581

In re: Application of Michael A. Callam, Case no. 2016-1240

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WEDNESDAY, JAN. 11, 2017

James A Wilson v. William Lawrence, Executor, Case no. 2015-2081

In re Application of Shamir L. Coll, Case no. 2016-1243

Audrey Clendenin v. Girl Scouts of Western Ohio and Administrator, Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Case no. 2015-1993

TUESDAY, JAN. 10, 2016

State of Ohio v. Joseph L. Thomas, Case no. 2012-2026

Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association v. Kenneth Ronald Donchatz, Case no. 2016-0859

City of Dayton v. State of Ohio, Case no. 2015-1549

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