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WEDNESDAY, June 7, 2017

In the Matter of the Complaint of Mary-Martha and Dennis Corrigan v. The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company, Case no. 2014-0799

State ex rel. Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services Inc. v. Industrial Commission of Ohio and Sherry L. Redwine, Case no. 2015-1074

State of Ohio v. Andrew L. Jackson, Case no. 2016-0782

State of Ohio v. Colton Dye, Case no. 2016-1395

TUESDAY, June 6, 2017

State of Ohio v. David Martin, Case no. 2014-1922

Kenneth Adams et al. v. Joseph W. Testa, Tax Commissioner of Ohio, Case no. 2016-0256 and 2016-0510

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State of Ohio ex rel. Kurt Singer v. Fairland Local School District Board of Education, Case no. 2015-1517
Writ of Mandamus

In the Matter of the Complaints of Katherine Lycourt-Donovan, Seneca Builders LLC, and Ryan Roth et al. v. Columbia Gas of Ohio Inc., Case no. 2016-0080
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio

In re: D.S., Case no. 2016-0907
Tenth District Court of Appeals (Franklin County)

State of Ohio v. Orlando Batista, Case no. 2016-0903
First District Court of Appeals (Hamilton County)

TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017

NWD 300 Spring LLC/Nationwide Realty Investors et al. v. Franklin County Board of Revision et al., Case no. 2016-0102
Ohio Board of Tax Appeals

Don Koprivec et al. v. Rails-To-Trials of Wayne County, Case no. 2016-0704
Ninth District Court of Appeals (Wayne County)

Lorain County Bar Association v. Kenneth Allen Nelson II, Case no. 2016-1830
Lorain County

State of Ohio v. Andrea Beasley, Case no. 2016-1020
First District Court of Appeals (Hamilton County)


Board of Education of Columbus City Schools et al. v. Franklin County Board of Revision et al., Case no. 2015-2105

State of Ohio v. Shuaib A. Haji Mohamed, Case no. 2016-0672

Disciplinary Counsel v. Andrew R. Schuman, Case no. 2016-1834

Anthony Rush and Tammy Rush v. University of Cincinnati Physicians Inc. and Thomas J. Kunkel, M.D., and West Chester Medical Center et al., Case no. 2016-0636

TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2017

State of Ohio v. Curtis L. Clinton, Case no. 2014-0273

Patricia J. Schultheiss v. Heinrich Enterprises Inc. et al., Case no. 2016-0623

Disciplinary Counsel v. Thomas Patrick Maney, Jr., Case no. 2016-1494

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Nichole Johnson v. Mary E. Montgomery et al., Case no. 2016-0790

State of Ohio v. Jamie Banks-Harvey, Case no. 2016-0930

Dennis Stewart, Administrator of the Estate of Michelle Stewart v. Rodney E. Vivian, Case no. 2016-1013


Disciplinary Counsel v. Scott C. Smith, Case no. 2014-0197

Terraza 8 LLC et al. v. Franklin County Board of Revision et al., Case no. 2015-2063

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company v. Christine Lucarell, Case no. 2016-0585

Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association v. Edward J. Heben Jr., Case no. 2016-1495


Michael Gyugo v. Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Case no. 2016-0564

Wood County Bar Association v. Robert E. Searfoss III, Case no. 2016-1489

State of Ohio v. Jeffrey A. Wogenstahl, Case no. 1995-0042

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Ronald and Barbara Bohlen v. Anadarko E&P Onshore LLC et al., Case no. 2015-0187

City of Cleveland v. Benjamin S. Oles, Case nos. 2016-0172 and 2016-0282

State of Ohio v. Sherry Bembry and Harsimran Singh, Case no. 2016-0238

State of Ohio v. Joshua Polk, Case no. 2016-0271

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TUESDAY, FEB. 28, 2017

In the Matter of Duke Energy Ohio Inc. for an Increase in its Natural Gas Distribution Rates, Case no. 2014-0328

State of Ohio et al. v. Shannon Ferguson, Case no. 2015-1975

State of Ohio v. Rickym Anderson, Case no. 2016-0317

State of Ohio v. Melvin Mutter, Case nos. 2016-0440 and 2016-0441

THURSDAY, FEB. 9, 2017

State of Ohio v. Darlell Orr, Case no. 2015-1847

State of Ohio v. Malik Rahab, Case no. 2015-1892

State of Ohio v. Bradley E. Grimes, Case no. 2016-0215


State of Ohio v. Raymond Morgan, Case no. 2015-0924

In the Matter of the Application of Buckeye Wind LLC, Case no. 2015-1715

Mary McGowan, M.D. v. Medpace, Inc., Case no. 2015-1756

Ashtabula County Bar Association v. Thomas C. Brown, Case no. 2016-1147

TUESDAY, FEB. 7, 2017

State of Ohio v. Donna M. Roberts, Case no. 2014-0989

Ohio Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association and David Hill v. City of Findlay, Case no. 2015-1581

In re: Application of Michael A. Callam, Case no. 2016-1240

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WEDNESDAY, JAN. 11, 2017

James A Wilson v. William Lawrence, Executor, Case no. 2015-2081

In re Application of Shamir L. Coll, Case no. 2016-1243

Audrey Clendenin v. Girl Scouts of Western Ohio and Administrator, Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Case no. 2015-1993

TUESDAY, JAN. 10, 2016

State of Ohio v. Joseph L. Thomas, Case no. 2012-2026

Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association v. Kenneth Ronald Donchatz, Case no. 2016-0859

City of Dayton v. State of Ohio, Case no. 2015-1549

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