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DECEMBER 29, 2022

Drivers Ticketed by Cleveland’s Traffic Cameras Not Entitled to Refund

Court Orders Hearing for Man Claiming He Was Misidentified as Rape Suspect

Courts Not Mandated to Defer to State Agency Interpretations

DECEMBER 23, 2022

Nursing Home Aide’s 65-Year Prison Sentence Reversed Again

Conviction Affirmed for Teen Transferred to Adult Court for Six-Month Crime Spree

DECEMBER 21, 2022

Change in Self-Defense Law Does Not Alter How Appeals Are Conducted

DECEMBER 20, 2022

Trial Court Abused Discretion When Rejecting No-Contest Plea

DECEMBER 16, 2022

Tort Damage Caps Unconstitutional When Applied to Sexually Abused Children

DECEMBER 15, 2022

Conviction Vacated for Man Who Did Not Receive Specifics About Child Abduction Charges

DECEMBER 13, 2022

Marsy’s Law Does Not Deprive Prosecutor of ‘Standing’

DECEMBER 12, 2022

Commercial Insurance Policies Do Not Cover Financial Damages From Pandemic

DECEMBER 8, 2022

New Sentencing Hearing Ordered for College Student Serving Life for Death of Newborn

When Father Established Paternity He Did Not Get a Second Chance to Contest Baby’s Adoption

DECEMBER 7, 2022

State Can Acquire Octagon Earthworks From Country Club

DECEMBER 6, 2022

Patients Can Pursue Legal Claim Against Doctor Who Fled Country

DECEMBER 2, 2022

Court Vacates Conviction of Teen Who Claimed Other Personality Led Him to Kill

NOVEMBER 30, 2022

Death Sentence Upheld for Man Who Killed Ex-Girlfriend and 4-Year-Old Daughter

Cities Cannot Impose Franchise Fee on Streaming Services

NOVEMBER 29, 2022

Court Clarifies How Juvenile Courts Consider Evidence When Transferring Cases to Adult Court

NOVEMBER 23, 2022

Lawsuit Against Chiropractic Firm Not Permitted Once Chiropractor Dismissed From Case

Workplace Injury Claim Does Not Have To Be Resolved Through Arbitration

NOVEMBER 22, 2022

Court Puts Brakes on Taxing NASCAR

NOVEMBER 10, 2022

Man Granted New Hearing; Claims DNA Results Exclude Him From 1997 Rape

Man’s Case Doesn’t Clear Two-Step Test for Ineffective Counsel

NOVEMBER 8, 2022

Parole Hearing Denied For Incomplete Paperwork

NOVEMBER 3, 2022

Parents Who Did Not Object to Temporary Custody Could Not Dispute Permanent Custody Ruling

Attempted Murder Conviction Vacated; Statute of Limitations Expired

NOVEMBER 2, 2022

Delays to Copy Video Footage Did Not Lead to Speedy Trial Time Violation

NOVEMBER 1, 2022

Case to Acquire Bike Trail Land Can Proceed Despite Law Limiting Park District

OCTOBER 20, 2022

Botanical Garden’s Admission and Parking Fees Do Not Violate Deed Restrictions

Amusement Park Closure During Pandemic Did Not Violate Season Pass Terms

Attorney Disciplined for Practicing Law While Suspended

OCTOBER 19, 2022

Death Penalty Upheld for Prisoner Who Murdered Fellow Inmate

Expert Witness Barred From Testifying at Trial Can Appear at Retrial

Attorney Suspended for Failing to Serve Clients

OCTOBER 18, 2022

Ethics Commission Review Not Required Before Prosecutors Pursue Ethics Charges

Judge Suspended Indefinitely for ‘Unprecedented Misconduct’

OCTOBER 13, 2022

Incriminating Cell Phone Search Constitutional

Judge Disciplined for Conducting Investigation

OCTOBER 12, 2022

To Collect Punitive Damages Award, Attorneys Can Charge Opponent for Cost of Appeals

OCTOBER 11, 2022

Court Improperly Sealed Former Candidate’s Divorce Records

Diet Pill Wholesaler Not Adequately Informed About Drug Trafficking Charges

SEPTEMBER 20, 2022

Independent Secretary of State Candidate Submitted Sufficient Signatures to Be on Ballot

SEPTEMBER 16, 2022

Primary Election Loser Cannot Be Trumbull County Judicial Candidate This Fall

SEPTEMBER 15, 2022

Court-Ordered Truck Forfeiture for Third Drunk-Driving Offense Found Constitutional

Canton Attorney Suspended for Neglecting Clients’ Divorce Cases

SEPTEMBER 14, 2022

Driving Under Suspension Charge Requires Moving Vehicle

Attorney Suspended for Defrauding Family Estate

SEPTEMBER 13, 2022

Law Against Urging Picketing of Officials’ Homes During Labor Disputes Unconstitutional


Delayed Charge Based on Lab Results Did Not Violate Man’s Right to Speedy Trial

Lawyer Convicted of Workers’ Compensation Fraud Suspended for Two Years


Insurer Not Obligated to Defend Opioid Distributor Against Underlying Government Lawsuits


Warrensville Heights, Beachwood Schools Tax-Sharing Deal Enforceable Without State School Board Approval

AUGUST 19, 2022

Offender Cannot Have Records of Dismissed Charges Sealed

AUGUST 18, 2022

Death Penalty Affirmed for Cleveland Man Who Killed Teen on Her Way to School

AUGUST 17, 2022

State Cannot Enforce Law Against Trains Blocking Railroad Crossings

AUGUST 16, 2022

Safety Threat Required to Deny Supervised Outings for Mental Health Facility Resident

AUGUST 11, 2022

Denial of Motion to Modify Terms of Intervention-in-Lieu-of-Conviction Cannot Be Appealed

AUGUST 10, 2022

Court Approves Lake Erie Offshore Wind Farm Permit

AUGUST 9, 2022

Man Convicted of 2014 Rape Can Seek New Trial

JULY 28, 2022

Death Penalty Upheld for Man Who Killed Couple While Housesitting for Them

JULY 27, 2022

Parma Attorney Indefinitely Suspended for Neglecting Client Matters

JULY 26, 2022

Medical Billing Service Seeks Insurance Coverage for Ransomware Attack

Oil and Gas Royalty Interest Miscalculated in 1954 Not Extinguished

Mother’s Wrongful Death Lawsuit for Son’s Suicide in Jail Returned to Trial Court

JULY 21, 2022

Shifting Burden of Proof of Self-Defense to Prosecution Applies to All Future Trials

JULY 20, 2022

Attorney Suspended for Threatening Client as Intimate Relationship Ended

JULY 19, 2022

Court Invalidates Second Congressional Map

JULY 6, 2022

Appropriate Judicial Review of Executive Branch Agency Decisions Debated

JUNE 30, 2022

Seating Victim at Prosecutor’s Table Led to Unfair Trial

JUNE 29, 2022

Portage County Lawyer Suspended for Lying to Court and Police About Client Affair

JUNE 28, 2022

Drug Possession Conviction Overturned Because Officers Illegally Searched Bookbag

JUNE 24, 2022

Court Holds Additional House and Senate Candidates Can Be Considered During August 2 Primary

JUNE 23, 2022

Naked-While-Driving Attorney Indefinitely Suspended

JUNE 9, 2022

Court Clarifies What Criminal Complaint Information Police Must Make Available

JUNE 8, 2022

Court Refuses to Prevent Lawmakers From Passing Pandemic Protections

JUNE 7, 2022

Man Caught 26 Years Later Through DNA Search of Family Tree Contests Conviction

Court Strikes Increased Prison Sentence for Profanity-Laced Outburst

JUNE 2, 2022

Court Errors Led to Invalidating Bail Bond Company’s $50,000 Bond Forfeiture

MAY 25, 2022

Readopted House and Senate District Maps Remain Invalid

MAY 24, 2022

Cable Installer Owes $341,000 for Misclassifying Workers as Independent Contractors

MAY 19, 2022

State Funding Cuts for Cities Collecting Traffic Camera Fines Constitutional

MAY 17, 2022

Cedar Point Pass Holders Want Refunds for COVID-Shortened Season

MAY 12, 2022

Death Sentence Upheld for Cleveland Man Who Killed Car Lot Owners

MAY 11, 2022

New Trial Rejected for Man Who Claimed Trial Judge Was Biased

MAY 10, 2022

Man’s Illegal Gun Possession Can Be Basis for Involuntary Manslaughter Conviction

MAY 5, 2022

Marion County Inmate’s Plot to Kill Ex-Wife Was Tried in Wrong County

MAY 4, 2022

Bond Provider Seeks to Avoid Penalty for Offender Missing Court While Jailed in Kentucky

Adult Court Cannot Indict and Try 22-Year-Old for Acts He Committed as Youth

APRIL 28, 2022

Judge Sanctioned for Berating Man Who Questioned Court Practices

APRIL 27, 2022

Court Decides 31 Cases Consistent With Earlier Ruling on Sentence-Extension Law

APRIL 26, 2022

Community School Director Not Responsible for Independent Treasurer’s Embezzlement

APRIL 21, 2022

Lawyer Claiming to Lose Records While Fleeing Protests Suspended

APRIL 19, 2022

Supreme Court to Hear Seven Appeals, Three at Off-Site Session

APRIL 14, 2022

Fourth Attempt at State House and Senate Maps Unconstitutional

APRIL 12, 2022

Witnesses Entitled to Rights When Faced With Jail for Failing to Appear at Trial

APRIL 7, 2022

Put-In-Bay Attraction Denied Refund of Resort-Area Tax

APRIL 6, 2022

Supreme Court Dismisses Appeal from Expired Order in Police Officer Lawsuit

APRIL 5, 2022

Local Governments Want Online Streaming Services to Pay Local Fees

MARCH 24, 2022

Attorney Suspended for Mis-Spending Client’s Funds

Court Resolves Oil and Gas Drilling Disputes

MARCH 23, 2022

Cleveland Lawyer Suspended for Lying to Court About Plea Deal

Insurance Covers Accident that Destroyed Tons of Glass Containers

MARCH 22, 2022

Sexual Abuse Victim Wants Compensation Cap for Injuries Overturned

New Trial Denied for Death-Row Inmate Convicted of Couple’s Killing

Coshocton Lawyer Suspended for Lying About Sexual Relationship with Client

MARCH 17, 2022

Trial Court Must Reconsider Attempt to Punish Pipeline for Polluting Waterways

Felony Conviction Leads to Portsmouth Attorney’s Two-Year Suspension

MARCH 16, 2022

Third Attempt at State House and Senate Maps Unconstitutional

Offender Can Challenge Sentence-Extension Aspect of ‘Reagan Tokes Law’

MARCH 1, 2022

Local Governments Fear Open Meeting ‘Bounty Hunters’

FEBRUARY 24, 2022

Attorney Suspended for Damaging Reputation of Opposing Lawyer, Legal Community

FEBRUARY 23, 2022

State Can Block Oil and Gas Sales from Land Purchased with Conservation Grants

FEBRUARY 22, 2022

Court’s Errors in Imposing Postrelease Control Could Not Be Corrected 10 Years Later

FEBRUARY 17, 2022

Police Officer Cannot Anonymously Sue Protestors

FEBRUARY 16, 2022

Appeals Court Ruling Denying Speed Camera Ticket Refunds Stands

FEBRUARY 10, 2022

“No Contact” Order Does Not Deprive Parent of Right to Contest Adoption

FEBRUARY 9, 2022

Court Rejects Sanction for Attorney Who Pre-Notarized Document

FEBRUARY 8, 2022

Sufficient Information Provided to Reopen Appeal Claiming Ineffective Counsel

FEBRUARY 7, 2022

Revised Ohio House and Senate Maps Still Unconstitutional and Must Be Re-Drawn

FEBRUARY 3, 2022

Minors Cannot Be Charged in Adult Court for Crimes Rejected by Juvenile Court

FEBRUARY 2, 2022

Constitutionality of Ohio Restrictions on Picketing Debated

Proof of Insertion by Another Required for Rape Conviction

JANUARY 19, 2022

Speed-Camera Controversy Continues Long After Village’s Enforcement Ends

JANUARY 14, 2022

Congressional Map Ruled Unconstitutional

JANUARY 12, 2022

New Ohio Legislative District Maps Unconstitutional