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DECEMBER 29, 2020

January Disciplinary Hearings Announced

DECEMBER 21, 2020

Service Marks by Law Firms Scrutinized

DECEMBER 18, 2020

Attorney Discipline Recommended in 13 Cases

DECEMBER 17, 2020

Ohio Bar’s First Remote Examinees Become Attorneys

Supreme Court Issues Two New COVID-Related Orders

DECEMBER 15, 2020

Court Asks for Public Comment on Privacy Law Specialization

DECEMBER 14, 2020

Brotherly Love: Siblings Sworn in as Attorneys

Conduct Board Elects New Leadership for 2021

DECEMBER 11, 2020

New Lawyers Will Be Sworn In Virtually on Monday

DECEMBER 9, 2020

Victims of Lawyer Theft Awarded $103,589

Clearing the Bar: Attorney-in-Waiting to Advocate for Community That Nurtured Him

DECEMBER 8, 2020

Court Approves Extending E-Filing Deadline

DECEMBER 2, 2020

Legal Aid Groups Get Social for a Day

December Disciplinary Hearings Announced

DECEMBER 1, 2020

Court Seeks Public Comment on Ohio Attorney Military Status

NOVEMBER 30, 2020

Ohio Bar Exam Results Announced

NOVEMBER 25, 2020

Handle with CARES: Court Uses Federal Funds to Expand Community Support

NOVEMBER 24, 2020

Chief Justice Applauds 1,026 Ohio Attorneys Who Served as Poll Workers

NOVEMBER 23, 2020

Acclaim, Awards Grow for Ohio Drug Courts Documentary

Supreme Court Counters COVID with Innovation for Its Biggest Event

NOVEMBER 19, 2020

Court Employees Gain Recognition at Annual Awards Ceremony

NOVEMBER 18, 2020

Different Circumstances, Same Feelings for Upcoming National Adoption Day

NOVEMBER 17, 2020

Racism Forum Calls for Court Understanding

NOVEMBER 13, 2020

Pro Bono Attorneys Honored for Work in Extraordinary Circumstances

NOVEMBER 10, 2020

Survey Probes Tech Highs and Lows in Ohio Courts

NOVEMBER 3, 2020

Attorneys across Ohio Help Communities and Process on Election Day

NOVEMBER 2, 2020

Conduct Board Announces November Disciplinary Hearings

OCTOBER 27, 2020

Chief Justice Addresses Women’s Executive Leadership Seminar

OCTOBER 20, 2020

Lawyer ‘Steps Up’ to Work Election Day Polls

OCTOBER 15, 2020

Human Trafficking Victims Persevere through Pandemic, Celebrate Survival

CLE Commission Sanctions 298 Attorneys for Noncompliance

OCTOBER 13, 2020

New Benchcards Guide Hearing Backlogs

OCTOBER 9, 2020

Conduct Board Issues Two New Advisory Opinions

OCTOBER 6, 2020

Court and Nearly 1,000 Applicants Overcome Unprecedented Obstacles for Bar Exam

Conduct Board Files Disciplinary Reports

OCTOBER 5, 2020

‘Second Chances’ Drug Court Film Wins Emmy Award

OCTOBER 1, 2020

Professional 'Duty' Prompts Attorney to Supreme Court Poll Worker Program

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020

Conduct Board Announces October Disciplinary Hearings

SEPTEMBER 22, 2020

Conviction Integrity Task Force Holds First Meeting

SEPTEMBER 21, 2020

Court Enacts New Uniform Domestic Relations and Juvenile Forms

Court Seeks Public Comment on Proposed Changes to Domestic Relations Rules, Forms

SEPTEMBER 18, 2020

Victims of Attorney Theft Awarded Nearly $140,000

SEPTEMBER 14, 2020

Conviction Integrity Task Force Will Hold First Meeting

SEPTEMBER 11, 2020

Chief Justice Creates Remote Technology Task Force


Court Adopts Amendments on Specialized Docket Certification

Sentencing Committee Unveils Uniform Sentencing Recommendations

Court Amends Guardian Ad Litem Rules Effective Jan. 1


Court Seeks Comments on New Standards for Custody Evaluators

New Bar Association Emphasizes Diversity, Inclusivity

AUGUST 31, 2020

Conduct Board Announces September Disciplinary Hearings

AUGUST 26, 2020

‘App-ropriate’ Time, Tool for Probation Innovation

AUGUST 24, 2020

Court Seeks Public Comment on Midnight E-Filing

AUGUST 19, 2020

Pro Bono Financial Contributions Skyrocket

AUGUST 18, 2020

Judge, Attorneys Discuss Hard Truths about Race and Reform

AUGUST 13, 2020

Conduct Board Updates Four Advisory Opinions Issued Under Former Code

AUGUST 12, 2020

Social Issues Remain as Court Building Is Repaired

AUGUST 10, 2020

Conduct Board Files Disciplinary Reports and Recommendations

Ohio Legal Help Targets Unemployment, Evictions

JULY 31, 2020

Remote Appearances and Oaths Extended

Anti-Bias Training Part of Judicial College’s Present and Past

JULY 30, 2020

Conduct Board Announces August Hearings

JULY 24, 2020

Court Issues More than $725,000 in Civil Justice Grants

JULY 23, 2020

Ohio Lawyers as Poll Workers: Supreme Court Approves Innovative Plan for Nov. 3

JULY 22, 2020

Bar Exam Postponed One Month Due to Coronavirus

Supreme Court Offers Eviction Guidance in Pandemic

JULY 9, 2020

Ohio Supreme Court Annual Report Cites Innovations

JULY 6, 2020

Virtual Reality: Judicial College Conducts Conferences via Video

Ohio Pro Bono Award Nominations Due Aug. 14

JULY 2, 2020

Dispute Resolution Videos and Podcasts Released After Conference Postponement

JUNE 30, 2020

Conduct Board Announces July Hearings

Court Adopts Temporary Mediation Training Requirements

New Rules of Practice and Procedure To Take Effect July 1

JUNE 29, 2020

Supreme Court Foreclosure Guide Touts Mediation, Tech

JUNE 23, 2020

Ohio Academic’s Labors Part of U.S. Supreme Court Debate

JUNE 19, 2020

Conduct Board Issues Two Advisory Opinions and Withdraws Three

Legal Aid Leads Ohioans through Difficult Times

JUNE 15, 2020

Conduct Board Files Disciplinary Reports and Recommendations

JUNE 8, 2020

Victims of Attorney Theft Awarded More Than $19,000 from Lawyers' Fund

Supreme Court Approves New Notarization Forms

MAY 28, 2020

June Disciplinary Hearings Announced

MAY 18, 2020

Uniform Bar Exam Up Next for Law School Graduates

MAY 15, 2020

Pandemic Pivot Expands Dispute Resolution Offerings

MAY 14, 2020

Law School Graduates Can Apply for Temporary Supervised Practice

Historic Oath: Attorneys Admitted in Online Ceremony

MAY 13, 2020

Court Postpones Ohio Bar Exam

MAY 8, 2020

Special Occasions: Teen Shares Drug Court Graduation, Birthday Virtually

MAY 6, 2020

Courts' Coronavirus Acumen Grows with Weekly Webinars

MAY 5, 2020

Ohio Bar Admission Ceremony Goes Virtual

MAY 1, 2020

Chief Justice’s Program Funds $6 million in Technology Grants For Local Courts

Ohio Bar Exam Results Announced

APRIL 28, 2020

Conduct Board Announces May Disciplinary Hearing

APRIL 20, 2020

Court Approves New Model Uniform Traffic Ticket

Legal Aid Community Concerned about COVID-19 Consequences

Court Enacts Deposit Waiver Form for Indigent Civil Litigants

APRIL 17, 2020

Cyber Celebration: Drug Court Holds First Virtual Graduation

APRIL 9, 2020

Conduct Board Issues Advisory Opinion on Client Conduct

April Disciplinary Hearing Announced

APRIL 7, 2020

Conduct Board Files Disciplinary Reports and Recommendations

APRIL 2, 2020

Tap into Array of Education Resources Offered by Supreme Court

MARCH 27, 2020

Judicial College Adjusts Programming Due to Coronavirus

MARCH 12, 2020

Feinberg Delivers Mediation Message despite Conference Postponement

MARCH 10, 2020

Victims of Attorney Theft Awarded More Than $125,000 from Lawyers' Fund

Today’s Dispute Resolution Conference Postponed Due to Virus Situation

MARCH 6, 2020

Conduct Board Issues Ethics Guide on Limited Scope Representation

MARCH 3, 2020

Family Foundational for Bar Examinees

MARCH 2, 2020

Conduct Board Announces March Disciplinary Hearings

FEBRUARY 27, 2020

Court Seeks Public Comment on Proposed Changes to Ohio Disciplinary System

FEBRUARY 26, 2020

Teachers Experience ‘Government in Action’

FEBRUARY 25, 2020

Court Makes “Access to Justice Foundation” Name Change Official

FEBRUARY 21, 2020

Dispute Resolution Conference Pays Tribute to Former Chief Justice

Court Hosts Ohio and Kentucky Law Deans

FEBRUARY 20, 2020

Court to Attorneys: Completing Survey Helps Ohioans

FEBRUARY 19, 2020

Conduct Board Releases 2019 Annual Report

Supreme Court Partners with OSBA to Train on Sexual Harassment Prevention

FEBRUARY 18, 2020

Conduct Board Issues Two Advisory Opinions

FEBRUARY 14, 2020

Supreme Court Hires New Chief Legal Counsel

FEBRUARY 13, 2020

Conduct Board Files Disciplinary Case Reports and Recommendations

Judicial Candidates Encouraged to Participate in Voter Education Program

Chief Justice O’Connor Convenes Task Force on Wrongful Convictions

FEBRUARY 12, 2020

Court Approves Code of Judicial Conduct Changes Involving Campaign Contributions

FEBRUARY 11, 2020

Attorneys’ 15 Minutes of Fame

FEBRUARY 7, 2020

Supreme Court Debuts New Mayor’s Court Bench Book

FEBRUARY 6, 2020

Deadline Approaching to Register for Dispute Resolution Conference

FEBRUARY 5, 2020

Court Adopts Amendment to Prohibit Multiple Extensions of Time

JANUARY 31, 2020

Board of Professional Conduct Announces Three February Hearings

JANUARY 28, 2020

Court and Ohio Bar Association Team Up to Prevent Sexual Harassment

JANUARY 27, 2020

Justice’s Musical Path Highlights Black History Month Event

JANUARY 23, 2020

Chief Justice Awards Court Technology Grants to Southern Ohio Counties

JANUARY 15, 2020

Court Introduces Fee for Certificates of Good Standing, Amendments to the Corporate Counsel Registration Rule

JANUARY 14, 2020

Hundreds Unite for Ohio’s First Human Trafficking Summit

JANUARY 13, 2020

Court Seeking Applications for Civil Justice Program to Help Ohioans in Need

JANUARY 10, 2020

Renovation Renaissance: 150-Year-Old Courthouse’s Rebirth

JANUARY 6, 2020

Supreme Court Issues $3.2 Million in Technology Grants to 54 Local Court Projects