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Court News Ohio - A Service of the Supreme Court of Ohio & Ohio Government Telecommunications
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June 30, 2022

New Rules of Practice and Procedure Take Effect July 1

A series of rule changes regarding practice and procedure in Ohio’s courts are scheduled to take effect tomorrow.

June 21, 2022

Board of Professional Conduct Releases Three Advisory Opinions

The Ohio Board of Professional Conduct has issued three advisory opinions, including a new opinion that addresses the propriety of a lawyer notarizing a client’s affidavit and an expanded opinion analyzing conflicts arising from personal, nonmarital relationships.

June 17, 2022

Court Accepting Comments on Rules for Character Investigation by Admission Committees

Two proposed changes to the rules governing the process of assessing the character and fitness of candidates for admission to the practice of law in Ohio are now open for public comment.

June 14, 2022

Conduct Board Files June Disciplinary Recommendations

The Ohio Board of Professional Conduct has filed six disciplinary case reports with the Supreme Court of Ohio.

June 13, 2022

Victims of Attorney Theft Awarded Over $138,000

The Board of Commissioners of the Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection recently awarded $138,075 to eight victims of attorney theft.


JUNE 30, 2022

Seating Victim at Prosecutor’s Table Led to Unfair Trial

Close-up image of a wooden gavel sitting on a table in front of an empty courtroomA Stark County man’s constitutional rights to a fair trial were violated when the alleged victim of a rape was permitted to sit at the prosecutor’s table during the trial, the Supreme Court of Ohio ruled today.

JUNE 29, 2022

Portage County Lawyer Suspended for Lying to Court and Police About Client Affair

The Supreme Court of Ohio today suspended a Portage County attorney for one year, with six months stayed, for having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a client then lying about it to a municipal court judge, a police chief, and an opposing attorney.

JUNE 28, 2022

Drug Possession Conviction Overturned Because Officers Illegally Searched Bookbag

The Supreme Court of Ohio today vacated a Marion County woman’s drug possession conviction, finding police illegally searched a bookbag with a baggie sticking out from the zipper.

JUNE 24, 2022

Court Holds Additional House and Senate Candidates Can Be Considered During August 2 Primary

Six candidates can appear on the special Aug. 2 primary election ballot, despite Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose disqualifying them, the Supreme Court of Ohio ruled today.

JUNE 23, 2022

Naked-While-Driving Attorney Indefinitely Suspended

The Supreme Court of Ohio today indefinitely suspended a Hamilton, Ohio, attorney for repeatedly driving naked and exposing himself to other motorists.

JUNE 9, 2022

Court Clarifies What Criminal Complaint Information Police Must Make Available

A nearly 30-year-old standard on what police must make available to the public when a crime is reported has been clarified by the Supreme Court of Ohio today.

JUNE 8, 2022

Court Refuses to Prevent Lawmakers From Passing Pandemic Protections

The Supreme Court of Ohio today rejected an effort to invoke a 2011 amendment to the Ohio Constitution to block the state from enacting or enforcing any COVID-19 related measures.

JUNE 7, 2022

Man Caught 26 Years Later Through DNA Search of Family Tree Contests Conviction

Genetic technology used by millions to trace their ancestry online helped Logan County law enforcement solve a 26-year-old attempted murder and rape case. The question now is, did they find the suspect too late?

Court Strikes Increased Prison Sentence for Profanity-Laced Outburst

Image of a man wearing jail scrubs being restrained by police officers and court bailiffs in a courtroom.A Lake County trial court could not increase a prison sentence based on the defendant’s profanity-laced tirade against the judge, the Supreme Court of Ohio ruled today.


June 14, 2022

Commitment to Causes Leads Judge to Supreme Court

Black woman with curly hair wearing a pearl necklace and judidical robe sitting behind a bench.Eighth District Court of Appeals Judge Emanuella Groves sat for her first Supreme Court oral argument. That achievement is the latest distinction for a judge with decades of accomplishments serving Ohioans.

June 13, 2022

Big Picture Leads Small-Town Judge to Supreme Court

Woman with glasses and grey hair in a black judicial robe sitting behind a bench.Seventh District Court of Appeals Judge Carol Ann Robb’s recent duty as a visiting judge for the Supreme Court of Ohio is a reminder of how one person, from rural Ohio, can make an impact.

June 10, 2022

Seasoned Judge Humbled by Supreme Court Service

Man in black judicial robe sitting behind a bench.Fifth District Court of Appeals Judge Scott Gwin has sat as a visiting judge for the Supreme Court of Ohio several times in his 33 years on the bench, and he is still amazed by the magnitude of serving the state’s high court.

May 11, 2022

Supreme Court Educating Students in Person and Afar

The Supreme Court of Ohio has a mission to educate students across Ohio about the justice system. In certain instances, the Supreme Court brings that initiative directly to young Ohioans.

APRIL 26, 2022

Former Lawmaker Hears First Supreme Court Case

Image of female judge in a judicial robe holding an award. On either side of her is a man and a woman.A prominent Ohio public servant over the past three decades debuted today as a visiting judge on the Supreme Court of Ohio.

APRIL 20, 2022

Ohio Program to Serve as Mentor for Drug Courts Nationwide

Image of female judge in a judicial robe holding an award. On either side of her is a man and a woman.The judicial system paved a path for two northeast Ohio court employees on how to help people struggling with substance use. It’s a mission that gives them purpose locally and now, nationally.

APRIL 19, 2022

Assistant Prosecutor Appointed to Tenth District Bench

Longtime Franklin County assistant prosecutor Keith McGrath was appointed today as a judge on the Tenth District Court of Appeals.

APRIL 12, 2022

Four Visiting Judges Hear Oral Arguments

Three Supreme Court of Ohio oral arguments today included visiting judges. Two of the judges sat in one case.