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Court News Ohio - A Service of the Supreme Court of Ohio & Ohio Government Telecommunications
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MAY 19, 2023

Former Inmate Becomes a Lawyer

Damon Davis is one of Ohio’s newest attorneys to take the oath during the May Ohio bar admissions ceremony.

MAY 12, 2023

Springfield Wins State Moot Court Title

Image of five girls, all wearing blue suits and medals around their neck, standing next to a man, also wearing a blue suit, in the courtroom of the Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center. The first girl on the left is holding a large trophy and the second girl on the left is holding a plaque.Debate students at Springfield High School know how to make their case.

Reducing Court Backlogs, Restoring Lives are Priorities for Chief Justice

Woman wearing a blue suit speaking from a wooden podium to a room full of men and women.The justice system can improve when lawyers work with courts to reduce case backlogs and improve services for those involved in the criminal justice system, Chief Justice Sharon L. Kennedy told leading members of Ohio’s legal community.

Justice Urges: Listen to Others with Whom You Disagree

Image of a man wearing a blue suit and red tie holding a framed award and smiling.Justice Patrick F. Fischer received the Ohio Bar Medal, honoring those who have invested their time by taking prominent leadership roles on the bench and in the bar.

MAY 10, 2023

Conduct Board Schedules May Disciplinary Hearing

Logo of Ohio Board of Professional Conduct.The Ohio Board of Professional Conduct today announced one May disciplinary hearing involving an attorney.


MAY 31, 2023

Attorney Suspended for Charging Excessive Fee

The Supreme Court of Ohio today issued a six-month suspension to a former Lake County attorney now residing in a Florida assisted living community. The attorney charged an excessive fee and misused his client trust account.

MAY 25, 2023

Attorney Suspended for Frivolous Filings

A Franklin County attorney is suspended for 18 months, with one year stayed, for engaging in an impermissible conflict of interest, making false statements to a court, and  “intentionally and habitually” filing frivolous motions, the Supreme Court of Ohio ruled today.

MAY 17, 2023

Death Benefits Wrongfully Denied to Woman Whose Fiancé Died in Industrial Accident

A woman whose fiancé and father of her children died in an industrial accident was wrongfully denied death benefits solely because she was not his spouse, the Supreme Court of Ohio ruled today.

MAY 16, 2023

As Court Considers Child’s Adoption, Father Cannot Seek Visitation Rights from Another Court

A county juvenile court cannot grant visitation rights to the father of a child when placement for adoption was approved by a probate court in a nearby county, the Supreme Court of Ohio ruled today.

MAY 11, 2023

Board Overseeing Opioid Settlement Funds Must Make Records Public

Image of several prescription bill bottles. One bottle is tipped over and pills are spilling out.The foundation formed to distribute settlement funds that local and state governments are receiving from opioid makers and distributors is the functional equivalent of a public office and must makes its records publicly available, the Supreme Court of Ohio ruled today.

MAY 9, 2023

Court Asked to Extend Time to Sue When Secret Lies Are Discovered

In 2020, Thomas Weidman, a township trustee in Warren County, found out he was the target of a state auditor’s investigation accusing him of soliciting bribes. The “smoking gun” was an email allegedly written by him 10 years earlier that resurfaced. The email was a fake, and Weidman sued the author for libel.

MAY 3, 2023

Burglary Conviction Vacated for Man Who Strolled Into Open Garage to Steal Leaf Blower

Image of a man's legs walking carrying a leaf blower.The Supreme Court of Ohio today vacated the burglary conviction of a man who walked past a homeowner into his open garage and stole a $500 leaf blower, finding the offender did not use “force, stealth, or deception” to commit the crime.