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CNO Legal Glossary

Civil, not criminal, obligations assessed for court operations. Fees are mandatory, but trial courts can waive, suspend, or modify them. Synonymous with court costs.
A serious crime, punishable by at least six months in prison.
A relationship that obliges one to act for the benefit of another.
To formally give the office of the clerk of court a document to enter into the record of a case.
Final appealable order
A court’s last action that disposes of all issues in controversy between the parties, making it possible for a party to appeal to a higher court.
Finding, Finding of fact
A statement that a judge, jury, or hearing officer in a legal proceeding determines to be true.
A financial sanction and criminal penalty, such as restitution. Fines are discretionary unless mandated by statute.
A lender’s legal proceeding to take the real property of a debtor to satisfy a debt.
Forensic evidence
Evidence provided through scientific reports and opinions, such as DNA results, fingerprinting, and blood-splatter analysis.
Without any legal basis or support.

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