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CNO Legal Glossary

Temporary restraining order (TRO)
A short-term court order forbidding certain actions and keeping the status quo in a case until a full hearing can be conducted.
Evidence presented orally by witnesses in court proceedings.
Third Party
A person or entity other than the defendant or plaintiff that may be indirectly involved in a lawsuit.
To temporarily stop the running of a statute of limitations.
A civil wrong that creates liability. A tort action asks for damages for injury or loss to person or property and differs from breach of contract.
Someone who commits a tort, which is a civil wrong, rather than a criminal act.
The written record of what has been said on the record in a court case.
A formal court proceeding in which a judge or a jury decides disputed facts and determines guilt or liability based upon the evidence presented.
Trial Court
The place where a civil or criminal case begins, and parties present their issues.

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