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CNO Legal Glossary

To give up or relinquish a known legal right.
Wanton misconduct
The failure to exercise any care whatsoever toward those to whom a duty of care is owed in circumstances in which there is great probability that harm will result; greater than negligence.
Written court order for police to conduct a search or make an arrest.
Willful misconduct
An intentional deviation from a clear duty or from a definite rule of conduct, a deliberate purpose not to discharge some duty necessary to safety, or purposefully doing wrongful acts with knowledge or appreciation of the likelihood of resulting injury.
A person called on in a lawsuit to give testimony before the judge or jury.
A special type of written court order.
Writ of mandamus
A court order that compels someone to perform a legal duty.
Writ of procedendo
An order requiring a lower court to issue a judgment in a specific case.
Writ of prohibition
A court order that directs a person or entity to refrain from doing something.

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