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FEBRUARY 19, 2019

Regional Judicial Opioid Initiative Debuts New Website

FEBRUARY 15, 2019

Love and Marriage: Couples Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Court Weddings

Two Ohio Courts Face Off in Cereal Challenge

FEBRUARY 14, 2019

Conduct Board Issues Advisory Opinion on Clients

FEBRUARY 13, 2019

Leader in Science and Diversity to Take Stage for Black History Month Event

FEBRUARY 12, 2019

Board of Professional Conduct Files Disciplinary Case Reports and Recommendations

FEBRUARY 11, 2019

Cattlemen See Court’s Deep Connection to Agriculture during Visit with Justice French

Board of Professional Conduct Issues 2018 Annual Report

FEBRUARY 7, 2019

Court Unveils Interactive Tracking Tool to Monitor Caseloads

FEBRUARY 1, 2019

Catering Company Serves Freedom to Human Trafficking Survivors

JANUARY 31, 2019

Board of Professional Conduct Announces February Hearings

JANUARY 29, 2019

Rules of Practice Amendments Adopted by Supreme Court

JANUARY 28, 2019

Schools Unveil New App Aimed at Curbing Juvenile Truancy

JANUARY 25, 2019

Human Trafficking Victims Survive Many Demons En Route to Courts, Recovery

JANUARY 23, 2019

Department of Justice Awards Ohio with Money for Veteran Treatment Courts

Task Force to Examine Ohio Bail System

JANUARY 22, 2019

Ten Years After Inception, Human Trafficking Court Continues to Reform Lives

JANUARY 14, 2019

Court Accepting Comments on Procedural Rules, Uniform Traffic Ticket

JANUARY 11, 2019

Ohio’s Courts Raise Awareness During Human Trafficking Prevention Month

JANUARY 2, 2019

January Disciplinary Hearing Announced

Conduct Board Certifies 16 New Cases